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Challenger New Gen ICT & Software Engineering

This is working at Fontys. This is NEW GEN ICT

You want to broaden your professional knowledge and your horizon. Help build the future of ICT and the success of the (Brainport) region, and beyond. To inspire, stimulate and challenge the new generation of ICT professionals. You are ready for an important and meaningful career move: a job at Fontys Hogeschool ICT. Come and work together in a unique environment with teams that bring together the talents of the future, the knowledge of colleagues and the expertise of partner companies. Work on smart solutions and innovations that make a difference. A job in which your knowledge and talent have maximum room and in which you also continue to learn.


Fontys Hogeschool ICT
Eindhoven / Tilburg
0.6 - 1.0 fte
Temporary with a view to a permanent contract
Based on age and experience, salary scale 11 of the HBO CBA, € 3.731,82 / max € 5.127,39

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Building the future of ICT: NEW GEN ICT

This will be your new step: Challenger New Gen ICT & Software Engineering. You thought: challenger? What does that mean? Is that something for me? Curious as you are, you read on and that (besides a passion for ICT, duh) is exactly what drives our students and colleagues. And when you think of working in education, you immediately think of packed lecture halls or a classroom with a chalkboard and your courage is sinking in? CTRL+A+DEL; because that is exactly NOT what working at Fontys means!


  • There is a class, but you are in the middle of it.
  • There is a classroom, only without walls and with labs and the latest tech & gadgets.
  • There are lessons, but you listen to or spar with your students (whom you get to challenge with cool and innovative projects).
  • You work together with students, challenge them, stimulate and inspire them. As a challenger you are also the expert who manages, coaches, connects, researches...

You will help students find their ICT career. For example as a programmer, system developer, information analyst or software designer. Our students choose the direction in which they want to develop, for example, technical or non-technical software. You help them make these and other choices.


Cooperation and development: that is what you do with your students, colleagues and our partner companies. Shaping tomorrow's ICT and ICT professionals together. We call this NEW GEN ICT. In short, you are going to make the difference in a job where your knowledge and talent have maximum space and where you also continue to learn. Making an impact, on society, your students and yourself. Do you feel it already?


Challenge them. Challenge yourself.

If you are curious, at Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT you will find the environment and the people who reward that. Work actively on research and educational projects, follow training courses, visit events, devise innovative solutions and continue to develop yourself. As a teacher, as a human being and as a shaper of NEW GEN ICT.

No experience as an educator? No problem! We will help you to quickly obtain the required qualifications.

Is this you?

You are an enthusiastic ICT professional and, in addition to being good at and enthusiastic about your subject, you are open-minded and interested in what the students are doing. You communicate clearly and precisely, also in English.

In addition, you have:

  • University level, at least a higher vocational education diploma and affinity with higher vocational education;
  • A minimum of 5 years (recent) relevant experience in the ICT professional field;
  • Knowledge of and experience with topics like enterprise software, microservices, messaging, scalable architecture, DevOps, security, cloud services, AVG and GDPR. More specifically, we are looking for colleagues who have knowledge of and experience with Docker and Kubernetes, and with software development in Java or .NET core.
  • No experience in education yet? No problem. We will help you with the necessary support and certifications.

This is us

At Fontys, we believe that "growth through attention and challenge" is important. For students and for employees. We challenge you to develop your talents and, together with students, colleagues and partners, to shape NEW GEN ICT.

You will find a dynamic workplace and a team where atmosphere and trust are paramount. You will be given the freedom to organise your education in your own way. For example based on your practical experience. We work intensively with interesting, leading companies: here in Eindhoven - at Brainport, for example - but also internationally. At Fontys ICT, you keep the connection with the business world, you continue to develop your talents and you remain at the forefront of your profession.

What we offer

Do you think (personal) growth and development are as important as we do? Then we would like to get to know you! We challenge you to further develop your talents and contribute to our ambitions. Of course, we will support you in doing so. For example, we offer a wide range of career and development opportunities, and we have an extensive range of services for a healthy and active lifestyle ('Fontys Vitaal'). We also have an end-of-year bonus, a number of collective insurances and a flexible working hours and leave scheme.

Help build NEW GEN ICT

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Got questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Karlijn van den Akker, HR Advisor. She will probably have the answers. You can reach her by phone:  +31 (0)6-23496067 or by e-mail: