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“We don’t have any pre-defined classes. Everyone has projects of their own. Anything is possible and everything can be discussed. That’s what I really enjoy.”

-- Leon, Teacher ICT & Software Engineering

Here I found a place where I can practice what I have always liked best: helping people and students. Making an impact. I have worked in the business world for a long time. Back then, I already enjoyed sharing my knowledge. It energized me. Now, I get that on the daily.

That’s an interesting question! An educational institution is certainly different from a project agency. So, in the beginning, I had to get used to the fact that I was no longer working on large-scale assignments for customers in my field. I noticed my team consists of people with a passion for the profession. Quite a few of them had been working for companies until recently. And every one of us has up-to-date knowledge. This ensures us to easily and smoothly deploy various types of technology. We use this to further develop education. We make sure what we offer is close line with current developments in the market. And, naturally, focused on the student’s interests. We try to inspire them with the possibilities of technology. We encourage them to experiment. And with effect. They surprise us on the regular with the results.

I have seen students who race through the curriculum and some who take a bit longer to find their way and drive. I recognize their journey, the choices they must make, from my own past. So, if I can assist them on that subject, I am eager to do so.

Here at Fontys we undertake many projects, that really appealed to me. You teach students in knowledge, but above all in self-reliance. That creates education at a much higher level. Focused on skills. This requires discipline, from students and from me. But the results are there. For instance, students return from their internship considerably more mature. That gives me great satisfaction.

I contribute to the content of their work. I am their reference point. I am their coach. I do not present them with solutions. We guide our students in their search for their own way of tackling problems. For example, with projects at large companies with prominent names. We provide them with guidelines and then allow them to think for themselves. If possible, I support them, but they have to be the first to raise the question. And if I don’t know the answer, we figure it out together.

Throughout the year. As a student, you work on individual projects and group projects. We meet with them regularly and offer them feedback on their development. We then go through how he or she is doing this semester. All students have their own goals, and we review them frequently. This way, they always know how they are doing.

The students schedule their own work, so they have all the influence on the results. But the most important thing is that you eliminate the stress of the exams. They don’t build up to a peak anymore. Tests are merely snapshots of the situation; they say little about the long term. We only consider the long term.

It works both ways. I meet a great number of companies during group projects and internships. That’s how you keep in touch with the business world. But vice versa, I also keep in touch with my already existing network. In that network, there is always an internship opportunity for a student somewhere. In addition, external experts often drop by. On Wednesday afternoons, for example. Then experts in the field give presentations. And as a teacher, I can also link up with them.


Teacher ICT & Software Engineering

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“We don’t have any pre-defined classes. Everyone has projects of their own. Anything is possible and everything can be discussed. That’s what I really enjoy.”

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