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“The way we work in projects is more like companies than classes. From our vision of the future.”

Bernd-Jan (Teacher and Researcher) and Franklin (independent exercise expert) are researching healthy running through sound.

Bernd-Jan & Franklin

I am now working on a project to get people more active and therefore healthier. We do that by looking at running. Many people start running, but quickly get injured and then stop again. We want to use technology to help them avoid those injuries.

We can’t clutter a runner with technology, so we decided to use audio. We convert movements into sound, and receive feedback on how the runner is running through their headphones.

With three teacher colleagues we already knew from outside Fontys. We revived this project and divided it into smaller parts. Small pieces were given to the students to provide their own interpretation. Media design takes up one part, and software another, etc.

Kind of external, yes. Fontys Sport is participating. We have an enormously committed movement expert, Franklin, who assists. And the sensors we use come from a number of companies.

The teachers who help us know that even better than me. But I notice that they mainly develop those skills that will help them in the future…Reaching out to experts and companies, getting things going, discovering, and analysing. That is very valuable.

They coach, share knowledge, and support the students. They work in scrums with them. They listen and give answers, but they will never predict.

All of us. The teachers are really very motivated and involved. We ourselves are in a kind of dual role of highly motivated researchers and supervisors. Most students agree with that enthusiasm. A few focus mainly on their grades. Perhaps the content interests them less.

You cannot force them. You can only inspire them. Enter into a dialogue, find out where your students’ motivation lies, and stimulate that. There’s actually no recipe for it. But as a student you don’t just fall into this field, so the basis is always good.

Yes, because we aim for independence. We work in projects more as companies than as classes. We work from our vision of the future of ICT and the future ICT specialist: NEW GEN ICT. They receive tools, knowledge, and coaching. In that respect, the projects really continue where the lessons stop.


Teacher and Researcher at Fontys ICT

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“We work from our vision of the future: NEW GEN ICT. In that respect, our projects really pick up where the lessons stop.”

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I’m part of a project about responsible exercise in running. I analyse the way people move, and see how it can be done more responsibly to help prevent injuries.

Yes, correct. We now know that people move differently to various types of music. And we’ve found ways to get feedback about someone’s gait through sound. We now combine those two discoveries in a runners’ app.

We started to develop the app with the students. We received a lot of interesting data, but not the data we were looking for. So we continued developing ourselves, and the students are now going to help us test.

It sounds simple. You start walking and you get feedback with sounds about, for example, the correct way of taking off and landing. But as a researcher you have to include many variables: What is the condition of the runner? Is he or she experienced? Are there any injuries?

That’s why this is such a great project for everyone. Because what is the perfect way to move? There’s no template for that. So how do you determine the starting points? Great challenges for everyone involved.

We often meet and at crucial moments, such as the tests, we work together. And we have decided to share all our knowledge honestly with each other without contracts.

You can also learn an awful lot from the ways things don’t work. Students come up with new ideas and ways to answer our questions. Even if we can’t do anything with it, you’ve still learned a lot.

They monitor the process and they help everyone involved to combine knowledge. An example of this is knowledge of AI, which can be very useful, sometimes without us even seeing it ourselves. Based on their expertise, the teachers often see improvements and additions.

I would like to see the teacher more as an entrepreneur. Even more towards business. What we’re developing now, we as Fontys ICT can take up ourselves, as a kind of company. The time is right. Because NEW GEN ICT is not only about the students, but also about the way in which we look at the subject and work together on it.


Freelance movement expert

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“As Fontys ICT, we can take up what we develop ourselves, as a kind of company. NEW GEN ICT is not only about the students, but also about the way we look at the subject and work together on it.”

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