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“The teachers inspire me. They look at developments in a slightly different way.”

Martin of Atos developed an AR Game for supermarkets with students Teun and Michelle. Martin and Teun share their experience.

Teun & Martin

For my minor, I’m doing an industry project for and with Atos, with five other students. On this project we go into the deep end as a team. It looks like school, but it’s also practical. You need to keep going. It’s very cool.

From Day 1 it really felt like we were already working at a company. Like we were colleagues. Not only in terms of atmosphere, but also because of the content. What we make must be feasible, must meet practical requirements, and must also work.

An augmented reality (AR) game for supermarkets, suitable for a savings campaign aimed at children. Kids scan the products, and in this way they collect buildings and stuff to build themselves a farm, for example.

We wanted to show kids where the products in the supermarket come from. How they’re grown and made. So they can learn that things don’t just suddenly appear on the shelves.

Planning, meeting, collecting information. Consulting with Martin from Atos – the “customer” in our project. What we didn’t know, we figured out. We learned new techniques that were far beyond our comfort zone. But that kept us on our toes. That’s how you learn.

As a coach. As someone who helps us as students to get started but doesn’t explain it in a too ‘teacher-like’ way. As someone who helps us and makes us enthusiastic to develop new skills that they have picked up in the business world.

With knowledge alone, you won’t be doing anything in ICT in ten years’ time. It changes too often and too quickly for that. We need a new perspective on ICT. We call it NEW GEN ICT here. We keep discovering, keep learning, and remain open to new technologies. Our teachers really encourage that.


Student ICT and Media Design

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“I see our teachers as coaches; they help us, but don’t explain in a typical ‘teacher’ way.”

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Officially I was the client, but in practice I cooperated on the project. If necessary – for difficult decisions, for example – I took a leadership position to make decisions.

All the time! I supervise internships and theses, and I teach now and then. At Atos, we do projects with Fontys ICT, for example, around IOT or Mano structures and Blockchain technology.

That they have a healthy amount of professional knowledge, understand how processes work, can keep an eye on certain things, and can guarantee quality higher professional education. We really like to work together and are able to discuss everything. This way, you end up learning from your students.

In projects like these, we need to be able to devise and create quite quickly. You need people who know the field and who challenge the students to get the most out of themselves. Only then do you get that “higher professional education” quality of work.

Yes. They are already further than we are with certain developments. This is because they can work without certain rules. They share their research results with us, and we share what we know and encounter in our daily practice. This is how we inspire each other.

They inspire me. They have knowledge of current topics that we don’t have. Together with the students, they look at developments in a slightly different way. You just feel their enthusiasm about the environment, sustainability, and social interests.

That I work with students, because they represent the future. They keep me sharp and flexible. For example, communicating about projects via WhatsApp! That took some getting used to. But if the results are good, then of course it’s fine.


Technology Lead Atos

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“We want to learn more about newer techniques, such as AR. Luckily, the teachers understand this. We help each other acquire new knowledge in projects. That gives us energy, and almost always gets good results.”

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