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“As a teacher you’re increasingly becoming a researcher. You keep developing yourself.”

Petra (Teacher and Researcher AI and Big Data) and Mark (Lecturer Interaction Design) talk about their roles in the future of ICT.

Mark & Petra

The dialogue between man and machine, and in particular the reading of human emotions through devices. I would like to make technology more personal and let it interact with people based on emotions. All within the boundaries of ethics, of course, which has become increasingly important in ICT in recent years.

I’m more of a researcher than a traditional teacher. We’re changing into a knowledge institution. Teachers are doing more and more projects together with students, working as equals. They’re also given plenty of room to continue to develop themselves.

In the past, a project stopped after a semester – whether it was finished or not. In a knowledge institution, you pass on your unfinished products to the next project group. It works much more like it does at companies. We think it’s a shame to just throw good work away.

In the past, there was still a hint of ‘end of career’, so I’m going to be a teacher. Now it’s really an innovative next step in your career. In addition, many colleagues also work for other organisations.

We often work with companies that are already further than we are. Lecturers then participate in studies. It takes some effort, but it keeps you sharp and up to date with your knowledge.

Yes, you need more flexibility. Also from the students, by the way. You don’t just close a textbook at the end of the year and that’s it. A project that’s not finished might continue next year. Or you might pick it up with a company during the holidays. You have to like that and be open to it.

We’re moving towards empathetic technology: devices that can read emotions and have conversations with people. A whole new, exciting world that goes beyond software and smart speakers. Just think of legislation and ethics. I see a future that goes further than just code, that is really NEW GEN ICT.


Lecturer Interaction Design

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“We’re changing into a knowledge institution. Teachers are doing more and more projects together with students, working as equals. They’re also given plenty of room to continue to develop themselves.”

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As a post-doc, I’m working on the future of the field “AI Engineer”. A subject in which we now train students. I’m also an internship coordinator and graduation supervisor for Software Engineering.

We teach students to use the latest techniques and tools by letting them participate in as many professional projects as possible. We can react quickly to changes, for example, by setting up a new course of study for new developments.

They investigate new technologies, and translate them into teaching materials. They’re a source of information and a coach for the students who use them.

Teachers are given a lot of time for training, and they learn from projects with companies. I develop myself through collaborations with universities, network organisations, and companies. And I share that knowledge with fellow lecturers.

No, definitely not. In all research and corporate projects, a prototype must eventually emerge. The supervising teachers themselves work on this in a hands-on way. So it’s really about learning by doing.

We’re moving more from traditional ways of programming to self-learning algorithms based on data. From projects in steps based on rules you already know, to software with AI that you train to learn itself. That’s truly a revolution for software engineers.

With a special major in ICT and AI, including projects that run from business idea to product. And with an expertise centre and a research group for AI and Big Data.


Teacher and Researcher AI and Big Data

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“ICT – and certainly AI –is about much more than code and machines. It’s also about ethics and legislation. It’s about people. We really have an eye for that here.”

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