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“The teachers give us a lot of freedom and responsibility.”

Loe (ICT and Technology student) and Simon (Prodrive Technology) talk about Loe’s work on an Automated Guided Vehicle.

Loe & Simon

At Prodrive I worked on the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) project. It’s an autonomous driving vehicle that drives materials from storage to a specific location. I designed, implemented, and tested the software for the security system.

It sure was. It has become a fully automatic solution that can take people into account. The AGV can therefore also drive around safely on busy factory floors, for example. It was my first time working in a professional environment.

I went through the same process as if you were actually going to work at a company. I got to know everyone, read up on things, made proposals, and received feedback. Then I started making the software, and now we’re testing it. Now I’m working there part-time.

The teacher helped me a lot, especially in the preparation. We mainly learned to master new skills. Not by pushing a lot of information, but by being given basic knowledge and directions to learn new skills, especially during my internship.

I know from the stories of other students that every teacher does this slightly differently. Mine left me very much in peace, and waited for me to come up with questions. He only reported if he thought something was going wrong. I really liked the independence.

There are a few. They talk so enthusiastically about the profession that you can really feel it. And when you enter into a discussion, they encourage you to view and approach things differently.

Here you’re motivated to always keep learning, and be open to new ideas. The teachers encourage you to do that, but it must also be in you. You have to like it and do it yourself.


Student ICT and Technology

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“The teachers help us get started and keep us on our toes. We work together on projects. This includes brainstorming sessions and discussions. That already feels very real.”

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You’re given responsibility for a product or project in which you’re immediately seen as a colleague. You tackle issues from documentation to rollout. You have to become pretty independent, because nobody takes you by the hand here. Of course, there’s help…but no one is chasing after you.

I only see the teachers twice, but the student and teacher have weekly contact with each other. The teachers also give the students a lot of freedom. Always a good thing.

I notice that there are teachers who dive into the subject more than others. They want to know exactly what a student is doing, and challenge their students to make choices.

I see teachers protecting students from companies. Many companies are eager for people and want to lend a hand, but don’t offer real content on the internship. As a student, you don’t learn anything from that. The teacher puts a stop to this kind of thing.

We’re already moving from dedicated to virtual machines, and we expect the next step will be the container level. As an organisation, we realise that we have to move more with other organisations and work less ad hoc.

More focus and fewer different activities. We stick to our core activities, and create a flexible ring of specialists. But we’ll still need more people in the future.

Students who really have a passion for technology and can deal with freedom, independence, and responsibility. You see this attitude in a number of students and teachers from Fontys. They continue at home after school, and are very driven.

Their curriculum ties in very well with our activities, and they are really involved in what we do and what we want. In any case, they really empathize with the business because they want to train people for it.

It is. Many students come here with new ideas and new techniques. Many of them also have part-time jobs here. From their first year at university to their first job after graduation. Nice for them. And great for us because they already know us.


Manager Prodrive Business Software

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“A committed teacher who teaches his students to work as we do. That’s a very fruitful combination. We see that every year.”

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