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“Teachers are a source of inspiration and motivation.”

Sonya and Melis (international students) talk about studying at Fontys ICT, and how teachers contribute to their development.

Sonya & Melis

I’ve just finished my first internship. It was a completely new experience for me because I’ve never worked before. Now I work part-time at that company, and I’m working on new projects at school.

They give you guidance. They’re there for you if you have questions or want feedback. An internship calls on your adaptability, and the teachers encourage you in this.

Our teachers give us a good starting point through their own knowledge of the subjects. They point us in the right direction, and then we proceed in our own way. But they’re always there to help us.

I believe we should focus on technology that’s made for people. Inventions and tools that improve the quality of life for everyone.

You have to be open to new ideas, surroundings, and developments. And you have to accept input from other groups, disciplines, and professionals. You must be able to share knowledge.

Yes, they really taught me to be open to new surroundings, knowledge, and people. That’s the way they teach, so it’s easy to go along with different mentalities.

With their attitude and their approachability. They take you seriously, they listen. And they help you without holding your hand. They really see us as a new generation of ICTers: NEW GEN ICT.


International student

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“Our teachers bring out the best in us. Even if we need a little more time to learn something new.”

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At this moment I go to lectures at the university, and I work part-time as a developer.

They offer a helping hand and they encourage you to think outside the box. They give you feedback, and they come up with ideas. When you have a new idea for a project, they guide you to the resources and the people you may need.

No. We get lessons where the teachers explain the theoretical part to us And then we have to apply that knowledge in practical assignments.

One of our teachers has just completed her Bachelor’s degree, and immediately started working as a teacher. She really gives me the feeling that anything is possible, no matter how young you are. She is very passionate and enthusiastic.

Normally, a teacher teaches you something and then asks questions about it. In our case, we’re allowed to present our visions and ideas to them. They then give us feedback, and help us to develop and improve those ideas. They don’t judge. In fact, they help.

The more you see them, for example during events, the more personal and fun the relationship becomes. They always remain the experts, of course, but they also ensure that you don’t feel like a newbie for long.

To be open to new ideas and technologies. To think big and not be held back by what you don’t know yet. You soon figure out that the teachers see and treat you as the next generation of ICT, as NEW GEN ICT. As soon as you’re finished here, you won’t only have the hard skills, but also the soft ones.

It allows you to master new technologies quicker. You pick up new knowledge and skills faster and with less effort than others. And that’s a big advantage in your search for that one perfect job.

I’m currently working with AI and it looks like it’s getting a lot of attention at the moment. I find data science less interesting. But I like the curiosity of colleagues who work with it.


International student

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“For me, my teachers are a source of inspiration and motivation. They give me the confidence to do things that I previously thought were impossible.”

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